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Can your dog read food labels? Your ever-loyal fury friend trusts you to do that for him. This man’s best friend thing is a two-way street, right? That means looking out for each other. Isn’t it just as important to know what goes into your dog’s body as your own?

Well, that’s how we see things at the Dog House Bakery. As dog lovers, we thought our awesome pets deserved food that was just as healthy as our own. It was high time to give pet food a good name. So thought we could bake treats for dogs that were literally good enough for us to eat. Treats that are wholesome, totally natural and free of preservatives and chemicals.

As it turns out we were perfectly placed to do just that. Living in Tasmania, we had access to the best ingredients. We make our dog biscuits out of prime produce like local leatherwood honey, Tasmanian apple juice, wholemeal flour and free-range eggs.

We discovered there were many people who shared our view. They loved being able to get doggie treats that were healthy in every way. And they liked knowing exactly what those treats contained and where they were made.

From the Salamanca Market we have found loyal customers in locals and visitors alike.

Now anyone can get online and get their Dog House Bakery treats mailed to them anywhere in Australia for a flat fee of $9.95.

We hope your dog enjoys our treats as much as we love making them. Happy shopping!

Some of our favourite Dog House treats:
The Dog House

As a Tasmanian owned and operated business making healthy home-baked treats for your canine companion, we use locally sourced ingredients such as Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey from Brown’s Bees, freshly ground peanut butter from a local health food shop, and local free-range eggs.

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